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Fully coupled fluid/solid interaction.

HOSS is a next generation simulation platform whose purpose is to bring the science of the computational mechanics closer to the applied scientist or practicing engineer. The overarching goal is to provide general users and the academic community with a user-friendly, fully parallel 2D/3D-FDEM capable package that can be utilized for a variety of analysis purposes. With the combined solid-fluid-thermal-fracture solvers, HOSS introduces a paradigm shift when it comes to generating accurate thermo-hydro-mechanically coupled simulations of material deformation, fracture, and failure, while remaining compatible with existing, mainstream CAD mesh generators and visualization software packages.

Download is a free educational limited version of HOSS intended for post-secondary academic environments.
Commercial Opportunities

We are seeking strategic partners to license and distribute our Commercial version of our HOSS software. To learn more about a commercial licensing opportunities for HOSS software please visit the Richard P. Feynman Center for Innovation.