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Environmental Management System

An Environmental Management System is a systematic method for assessing mission activities, determining the environmental impacts of those activities, prioritizing improvements, and measuring results.
May 30, 2012
The continuous improvement cycle

Our Environmental Management System encourages continuous improvement of our environmental performance.


  • Environmental Communication & Public Involvement
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Managing our effects on the environment

We are committed to protecting the environment while conducting our national security and energy-related missions.

What is the Environmental Management System?

  • It covers every program in the Laboratory
  • It is implemented through people, plans, and processes
  • It integrates with all the long-term planning functions
  • It examines any method by which a program may impact the environment
  • It complies with all environmental regulations

ISO 14001 certification

The Laboratory's approach is based on the International Organization of StandardsISO 14001—Environmental Management Systems. ISO 14001 requires regular independent audits to obtain and maintain certification.