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Career Options

Explore the multiple dimensions of a career at Los Alamos Lab: work with the best minds on the planet in an inclusive environment that is rich in intellectual vitality and opportunities for growth.
Super Cam and Chem Cam photographed to scale.

Super Cam and Chem Cam photographed to scale.

Curious about a career in R&D mechanical engineering at Los Alamos National Laboratory?

R&D mechanical engineers at Los Alamos National Lab have exciting careers. We asked them what they enjoyed or loved the most about their jobs. Here’s what they had to say:

Lee said: “The thing I love most about my job is that my group encourages and supports continued learning and expanding our skill set. This creates a dynamic team environment. The Lab has experts in many fields, and being able to work with them and learn about their areas of expertise keeps the job exciting. So much of my job consists of learning about other science and engineering areas in order to provide a better mechanical engineering solution.”

Steve said: “The best aspects of my job are the variety of work and the people I work with. It never gets boring since each project has unique challenges that have often never been attempted before and push the envelope of technology or scientific understanding. The teams are diverse and you have access to a tremendous amount of knowledge, ideas and unique perspectives. I get to work with some top people in their fields on projects that can have a significant impact on science, technology and national security.”

Seung Jun said: “I got my PhD in nuclear engineering and since I joined the lab, I have explored various engineering problems (nuclear, mechanical, solar, offshore, oil industry). My group encourages me to make various connections and work on projects that extend beyond my graduate work. For example, I have learned supercomputing for engineering applications. I love working on big engineering simulations using the Lab’s supercomputers. I believe that the nature of this working environment ensures that I will be a solid R&D engineer at the Lab.”

John said: “I love the diversity of the work. Design, analysis, fabrication, testing--I get to do it all. I work on particle accelerators, weapon systems and spacecraft instruments, to name a few. I have the greatest engineering tools at my fingertips to do my work.”

Robert said: “I love getting the experience of working at a cutting-edge research institution. Here, I participate in a nice mixture of design and research. I also have the opportunity to study interesting subjects like additive manufacturing and fluid mechanics.”

Follow our mechanical engineering career opportunities

We will have exciting opportunities for R&D mechanical engineers in Engineering Sciences, Plutonium Science and Manufacturing, and Intelligence and Space Research. In the weeks to come, watch this page for more detailed information about mechanical engineering careers at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

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  • Our R&D Mechanical Engineers will share about their key accomplishments and successes here at Los Alamos National Lab.

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