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Fully coupled fluid/solid interaction.



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This verification and validation manual presents a compilation of benchmark tests simulated using the Hybrid Optimization Software Suite.

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Books & Book Chapters

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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles


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Fluid-solid interaction Contact, friction Fragmentation

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Earthquake rupture Fracture damage FDEM

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Finite element Discrete element Contact interaction

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Hyperelastic Plastic flow rule Plasticity

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Brittle fracture Elastic moduli Crack statistics

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Crack interaction Propagation FDEM

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Graph theory Machine learning Fracture process zone

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Fracking Poromechanics Biot coeffecient

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Hydrology Materials Science

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Off-fault damage Satellite image Kaikoura earthquake

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Machine learning Fracture networks Multi-scale

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2017 & Older

Composite tetrahedron Incompressible elasticity Volumetric locking

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Environmental sci. Geophysics Hydrology

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Dynamic fracture Rate dependency Anisotropy

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Parallelization FDEM Virtual Engine

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FDEM Granite High strain rate

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Discrete elements Finite elements Shells

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Particle physics Modeling

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