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The Fellows, recognized for their extraordinary career contributions, serve as advisors and mentors at all levels of the Laboratory


  • Coordinator
  • John Cameron Gordon
  • National Security Education Center (NSEC)
  • (505) 665-6962
  • Email
  • Past Coordinator
  • Steven Elliott
  • Dynamic Imaging & Radiography
  • (505) 665-0068
  • Email
  • Deputy Coordinator
  • David Jablonski
  • XTD Primary Physics
  • (505) 667-1074
  • Email
  • Secretary
  • Jaqueline Kiplinger
  • Inorganic Isotope & Actinide Chemistry
  • (505) 665-9553
  • Email
  • Fellows Emeritus Advisor
  • Cheryl Kuske
  • Bioenergy and Biome Sciences
  • (505) 665-4800
  • Email

Who are the Fellows?

The Laboratory Fellows organization was established in 1981 and is made up of technical staff members who have been appointed by the Director to the rank of Fellow in recognition of sustained outstanding contributions and exceptional promise for continued professional achievement.

The Fellow appointment is an honor bestowed on individuals by the Director in recognition of outstanding achievement in advancing science, technology, engineering or mathematics across the full breadth of Laboratory R&D. This includes accomplishment from basic research, making contributions to the broader science and engineering enterprise while enhancing the Laboratory’s role and reputation as a broad source of discovery and innovation, through to focused mission applications, building capability that advances the Laboratory’s ability to execute its major programs for the nation.

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Dr. John Ward. John’s career at LANL was long and distinguished. He started at LANL in the mid-1950s and he performed or led research for over 35 years. He was named a Laboratory Fellow in 1983 and retired in 1992.
For more information, see full announcement on the In Memoriam page.

Fellows in the News: