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Business opportunities

Setting new standards and developing small business initiatives within NNSA that will contribute to developing and strengthening our strategic partners for national security challenges.


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SCAM ALERT: Los Alamos National Laboratory has recently been advised from other DOE national laboratories of fraudulent attempts to procure goods from legitimate laboratory suppliers. Find more information on the Scam Alert letter (pdf).

Current business opportunities at Los Alamos

This page contains two opportunities sections: short-term and long-term business opportunities.

  • Short-Term Business Opportunities are normally competitive business opportunities greater than $250K that will be posted for seven calendar days.
  • Long-Term Business Opportunities are normally competitive business opportunities greater than $250K that have a projected date greater than the seven calendar days.

Guidance on process

  • If you are interested in doing work with Los Alamos National Laboratory, it is recommended that you review the Business Opportunities page at least weekly for opportunities.
  • The Laboratory does not send out email notifications on business opportunities.
  • When you see a business opportunity you are interested in, contact the assigned buyer with inquires before the removal date.
  • Current business opportunities are subject to change or cancellation due to scope, mission, or funding requirements.
  • Some business opportunities may be set-aside for small businesses: Note the competition type on the business opportunity document to determine if a procurement has been set aside or is open to large and small business competition.
  • Los Alamos reserves the right to change the competition type from Open to Set-Aside before the release of the Request for Quotation (RFQ)/Request for Proposal (RFP).
  • If this is a Request for Expression of Interest and capability information is requested with your response, be advised that the Laboratory will not issue your company an RFQ/RFP, unless you submit clear and convincing information that your company has the necessary relevant experience and can fulfill the requirements. If you do not adequately address the required information, and the Laboratory Buyer does not have information indicating otherwise, the presumption will be that your company is not a viable competitor. In any case, the Laboratory Buyer is the final arbiter on who receives an RFQ/RFP.
  • Competition types:
    •  O = Open to large and small business competition
    •  S = Small business set-aside
    •  W = Women-owned small business
    •  D = Service-disabled veteran-owned set-aside
    •  H = HUBZone set-aside

In the Business Opportunity matrixes, below, scroll over and select the ID number to view the Business Opportunity document.

Following the Long-Term Business Opportunity matrix, check out links to DOE and other facility Forecasted/Business Opportunities webpages.

Short-Term Business Opportunities

ID # Title of Opportunity Est. Dollar Value Competition Type
212 Crossroads Super Computer TBD O
219 New Bridge fabrication and Installation TBD O
220  Electric Terminal Truck TBD TBD
221 Laboratory Data Computing Center UPS Electrical Integration Design and Build Project TBD S

Long-Term Business Opportunities

Long Term opportunities listed below are provided as an informational resource only. Due to the nature of these business opportunities, they are subject to change or cancellation due to scope, mission, or funding requirements. For updated information on these opportunities please look for updates that will be posted on this website as they become available.

ID # Title of Opportunity Est. Dollar Value Competition Type
002 Staff Augmentation Services TBD TBD
005 Crowdsourcing TBD TBD
019 Radioactive Laundry and Respirator Services TBD O
073 General Construction Services TBD TBD
130 NQA-1 Plumbing Supplier TBD TBD
160 Media Records Room Renovation TBD TBD
163 Fire Alarm DB MTOA TBD TBD
164 Smart Labs Renovation MTOA TBD TBD
169 Hydraulic Elevator Renovation TBD TBD
170 Electrical Contractor MTOA TBD TBD
171 Paving Projects TBD TBD
172 Deactivation & Decommissioning (D&D) MTOA Revised TBD TBD
173 ECSD-ASD Project TBD TBD

Links to forecasted opportunities: DOE, other agencies and facilities