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Chemical, Earth, & Life Sciences

Home to world-class capabilities in chemistry, bioscience, and earth and environmental sciences
  • Structural protein research

    Structural protein research

    A wide range of protein folding research

  • Field Instrument Deployments and Operations (FIDO)

    Field Instrument Deployments and Operations (FIDO)

    Atmospheric science research

  • Quantum Dots

    Quantum Dots

    Quantum dot research for energy and light

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  • Associate Laboratory Director
  • Patrick Fitch
  • Directorate Office
  • (505) 606-2266

The Chemical, Earth, and Life Sciences Directorate (ALDCELS) is home to three divisions and thirteen capability-focused groups whose work spans the Laboratory's major mission areas of stockpile stewardship, global security, and energy security.

A few of our key capabilities are listed below and additional detail can be found in the division organizational pages.

Key scientific capabilities


  • Novel vaccines and therapeutics
  • Biofuels from algae and plants
  • Discovering and managing disease threats


  • Analytical chemistry and measurement science 
  • Physical chemistry and molecular spectroscopy
  • Isotope and actinide science
  • Nuclear and radiochemistry
  • Nanoscience
  • Material processing and characterization
  • Chemical engineering
  • Function and dynamics of living systems

Earth and Environmental Sciences

  • Environmental systems and predicting climate effects
  • Subsurface flow and transport in porous media
  • Microscale, mesoscale, and global-scale atmospheric phenomena
  • Nuclear explosion-induced atmospheric physics and modeling of wildland and urban fire phenomena
  • Carbon capture and utilization science
  • Next generation ecosystem experiments
  • Vegetation mortality experiments
  • Earthquake triggering
  • Ground-based explosion monitoring
  • Medical and seismic imaging
  • Nondestructive evaluation