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STE Highlights features current, cutting-edge scientific research at Los Alamos National Laboratory and recent awards and recognitions of Los Alamos scientists.

Exascale-class computing cooling infrastructure certified: Putting efficient cooling infrastructure in place is a first step to enabling computing at the exascale and beyond. Los Alamos is taking a large step toward ensuring that cooling is ready for future supercomputing with its recent build and certification of a new exascale-class computing cooling infrastructure. Read more in the current STE Highlights.

STE Highlights for May

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Analytics, Intelligence, and Technology

Another D-Wave advantage: High-quality solutions to tricky combinatorial optimization problems


New quantum dots for toxic-element-free, next-gen solar cells

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Protecting the global food chain: Best predictions of El Niño impacts

Infrastructure Enhancements

Los Alamos exascale-class computing cooling infrastructure certified

Materials Science & Technology

Accurate simulations boost nanomaterial understanding