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STE Highlights features current, cutting-edge scientific research at Los Alamos National Laboratory and recent awards and recognitions of Los Alamos scientists.

Rare experiment leads to discovery of new material defect mechanism

A new material defect mechanism was discovered after Los Alamos researchers and their collaborators achieved a technically challenging experimental setup that employs a rare capability.

This was the first experimental study to use a nondestructive depth-resolved positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy (PALS) beam to probe the damage profile in ion-irradiated metallic systems. Radiation damage, which causes material defects, is a research topic of high importance, and this experiment contributes data needed to improve material defect simulations. Read more in the current STE Highlights.

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Awards and Recognition

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Materials Physics and Applications

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Materials Science and Technology

Rare experiment leads to discovery of new material defect mechanism

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