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Dynamic fracture evolution.

    Current Applications of HOSS include:

  • Hydraulic fracturing
  • Hypervelocity impact of meteors
  • Earthquake rupture
  • THM (Thermal-Hydraulic-Mechanical) reservoir processes

    Other potential applications using HOSS include:

  • Dam stability analysis
  • Analysis of reinforcements to historical monuments/buildings
  • Induced seismicity
  • Bone fracture modeling
  • Slope stability (Mining, road infrastructure design)
  • Block caving (Mining)
  • Experimental rock mechanics

Examples of Current Applications

Click on thumbnails for videos and descriptions. Explore the list of publications for more information.
Generalized Shape Dry Particle Interaction
Image link to second example graphic
Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar
Image link to third example graphic
Image link to fifth example graphic
Fracture Coalescence
Image link to sixth example graphic
Hypervelocity Bolide Impact
Image link to seventh example graphic
Flyer Plate Dynamics
Image link to eighth example graphic
Mixed-mode Failure
Image link to ninth example graphic
Earthquake Dynamic Rupture
Image link to tenth example graphic
Sheard Granular Stick-Slip Behavior
Image link to eleventh example graphic
Impact on Unconsolidated Beds
Image link to twelfth example graphic