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Atomic Women Resource Group

Networking opportunities, support and education for women in science and engineering at the Laboratory

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  • Laura Mcclellan
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Atomic Women's Resource Group

Standing together for women in science

Atomic Women is an ERG that provides support and networking opportunities for women in STEM fields, to help them thrive, at work, at home, and in the community.


Atomic Women began in 2007, originating within the Weapons Physics division. At that time, the group consisted of female employees as well as summer students.

Our initial goal was to introduce women summer students to women scientists, and our first event was a panel discussion on graduate schools and early careers in science. When the summer ended and the students returned to their universities, we discovered that we enjoyed meeting, networking, providing interesting programs and speakers at our meetings, and we continued to meet monthly, the last Tuesday of each month, from noon to 1 pm.

With the involvement of P-Division women, and women and men in several other LANL Directorates, we have grown in numbers.  

WHAT we do


Our primary goal is to provide networking opportunities, and support and education for women in science and engineering at the Lab.  We have no officers, no dues, no budget, and no paperwork.  The tasks are minimal:  sending email announcements, coordinating with guest speakers, leading the meeting.  Though we have core leaders now, we are open to rotating leaders for specific meetings.

Interests and activities

The group organizes panel and informal discussions with invited speakers on such topics as: 

  • mentoring, career development 
  • stress management and resiliency 
  • HR issues, gender bias in science and engineering, diversity issues 
  • workplace communication 
  • leadership skills 
  • coaching 
  • work-life satisfaction
HOW to get involved

Anyone at the Lab (students, post-docs, scientists and engineers, managers) who supports women in STEM fields is welcome to join the group.  We also welcome non-Lab employees who are active in or retired from a STEM related career. 

If you are interested in participating in any of our meetings or events please contact us!

Calendar of Events
Date Time Event Name Location
June 1 1 pm to 2:30 pm LANL Women Leaders  Virtual Panel Discussion "It’s not a ladder, it’s a jungle gym"
June 9 noon to 1 pm Equity and Inclusion during a Global Crisis Webinar (Stanford Women's Leadership  Program)
June 16 noon to 1pm Virtual Discussion with Atomic Women on integrating diversity and inclusion efforts with other ERGs and the commu
Meeting number: 807 784 555
Phone number: 1-415-655-0002
June 23 noon to 1 pm Webex meeting with Atomic Women to follow up on themes and topics from the Senior Women Leaders Panel Discussion
July 21 noon to 1pm Current LANL Diversity and Inclusion Efforts - Virtual presentation and Discussion via WebEx