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Hispanic Opportunities for Los Alamos

April 12, 2012
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Board members  

  • Chair
  • Beverly Lucier
  • Chair
  • Andria Duran
  • Treasurer
  • Enrique Montoya
  • Secretary
  • Felicia (Fish) Archuleta
  • Networking/Events Coordinator
  • Veronica Talamantes

LANL's hispanic employee resource group



Hispanic Opportunities for Los Alamos (HOLA) was organized with the mission to empower Hispanic/Latino individuals through leadership, professional development, and to accelerate business growth addressing all opportunities at Los Alamos National Laboratory. HOLA focuses on the growing population of Hispanic/Latino employees and helps to foster a sense of family and pride to the Hispanic heritage while learning and embracing others, in order to deliver the best possible science and technology results for the nation.

What we do


  • Help to develop the talents of our broadly diverse workforce
  • To reach for new heights and reveal the unknown so that what we do and learn will benefit all LANL
  • To foster professional development, enhance work performance, assist in matching mentors with mentees, assist in recruiting a diverse workforce, increase community partnerships, and encourage interaction and relationship building within and across the laboratory.
  • Be an effective strategic tool for leadership for advancing LANL's mission, as well as its diversity initiatives
  • Play a role in LANL's retention and professional development efforts 
    • By offering employees a sense of community and belonging
    • By helping to introduce new and current employees to the organizational culture
    • By providing employees with assistance in their career advancement efforts, such as opportunities for showcasing their skills to others within the organization
    • By providing mentoring and networking opportunities and connecting employees with mentors/role models
    • By providing access, that might otherwise not exist, to senior leadership
HOW to get involved

Anyone at the Lab is welcome to join the group. If you are interested in participating in any of our meetings or events, please email us at holaboard@lanl.gov.


Calendar of events

September 15 - October 15 TBD National Hispanic Heritage Month Events
October 15 TBD Virtual Zumba
TBD TBD Nelson Martinez Speaker/Historian
TBD TBD Dia De Los Muertos Cycling Class
TBD TBD Divino Live on WebEx
TBD TBD Baile Ilusion Video posted