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  • Ricardo Lebensohn

  • Scientist , T-3
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  • (505) 665-3035

Ricardo Lebensohn is an expert in structure/property relationship of materials and crystal plasticity modelling. His pioneer contributions include the main-field viscoplastic selfconsistent (VPSC) formulation and associated code, a homogenization-based simulation tool for the prediction of mechanical response and microstructure evolution of polycrystalline metals, minerals and polymers. He also developed the specialization to polycrystals of the full-field Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)-based formulation and associated codes. FFT-based formulations are ideally suited for micromechanical simulations with direct input from microstructural images, e.g. collected by emerging 3-D characterization methods in Experimental Mechanics.

Dr. Lebensohn has extensive experience in the following fields, applications and techniques: Mechanics of Materials, Computational Mechanics; Solid Mechanics; Micromechanics; Polycrystal Plasticity; Dilatational Plasticity; Strain-Gradient Plasticity; Homogenization; Spectral Methods; Multiscale Material Modelling; Texture, Anisotropy, Microstructure and Damage Evolution of Metals, Minerals and Polymers; X-Ray and Neutron Diffraction; Residual Stresses; Finite Element Analysis; Metal Forming; Dynamic Properties of Materials.