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  • Mike Begnaud

  • Technical Program Manager 4, EES-17
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  • (505) 667-7620
Dr. Michael L. Begnaud is the LANL program lead for the Ground-based Nuclear Detonation Detection (GNDD) program as well as the LANL Dynamic Networks venture lead for the Low-yield Nuclear Monitoring program. He is a seismologist who has worked on the Ground-based Nuclear Detonation Detection team since 1999. He received his Ph.D. in geology from the University of California, Davis in April 1997. His research is focused on developing new models and methods for seismic event location related to explosion monitoring and the collection and quality control of ground truth events. Current research includes development of the Regional Seismic Travel Time (RSTT) tomographic model as well as data and validation for the SALSA3D global geophysical model.