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  • Scientist 3, T-3
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Ice Dynamics Modeling - Development of ice sheet models; running of ice sheet models for sea level rise predictions using High Performance Computing resources Subglacial Hydrology - Development of subglacial hydrology models coupled to ice sheet models; field observations and analysis of meltwater-induced acceleration of the Greenland Ice Sheet

Earth System Modeling - Coupling of ice sheet models to Earth system models; running and analyzing Earth system models Glacier Surface Energy Balance - Spatially-distributed melt modeling of polar glaciers; collection, maintenance, and analysis of Automated Weather Systems and associated data; glacier surface mass balance measurements Global Positioning System & Geographic Information Systems - Design and deployment of autonomous GPS receivers in polar regions; kinematic differential processing of GPS data for monitoring glacier motion; spatial analysis of glacier and landscape change

Software Development and Management - Maintaining large software projects with many developers and users; version control repository maintenance

Interested students and postdocs should contact me by email or phone about potential opportunities.

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