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  • Joel Rowland

  • Scientist, EES-14
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  • (505) 665-2871

Research: The role of landsurface dynamics and hydrology in the transport, storage and cycling of sediment, water, and biogeochemical constituents with a focus on river and floodplains, permafrost landscapes, and coastal regions.

Ongoing research includes:

  • The role of permafrost in river bank erosion and particulate exchanges between rivers and floodplains
  • Floodplains as watershed-scale regulators of exchanges of water, sediment and carbon
  • Remote sensing analysis of landscape change and fluvial dynamics
  • Arctic delta morphology and dynamics and the linkage of terrestrial fluxes to the coastal ocean
  • Permafrost dominated hill slopes and the storage and flux of sediment and carbon from watersheds to the hydrosphere
  • Ecogeomorphic controls on coastal resilience and impacts of coastal change on infrastructure and national security