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  • Anastasia Piliouras

  • Scientist, EES-14
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  • (505) 665-2461


My research utilizes remote sensing, field work, numerical modeling, and physical experiments to better understand (1) the morphodynamics of fluvial, deltaic, and coastal systems; and (2) interactions between vegetation, climate, and surface processes.

Current research efforts:

  • Modeling effects of sea level rise/inundation on coastal permafrost thaw subsidence
  • Understanding thermokarst lake morphologies and heat fluxes in permafrost landscapes
  • Modeling the influence of ice and permafrost on delta morphodynamics
  • Quantifying Arctic delta morphologic variability
  • Permafrost effects on channel migration
  • Improving representations of coastal landscapes and riverine fluxes in Earth system models
  • Controls on entrainment of sediment into sea ice
  • Beach erosion on a sea-cliff and wave-cut platform
  • Seasonal and tidal variability in island hydrodynamics