IMS Materials Summer School 2017

Innovation, incubation and integration are key to nurturing a healthy Materials Science community.


  • Director
  • Dr. Alexander V. Balatsky
  • Institute for Materials Science
  • (505) 665-0077
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  • Deputy Director
  • Dr. Jennifer S. Martinez
  • Institute for Materials Science
  • (505) 665-0045
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The IMS Materials Summer School focuses on Materials Science at Los Alamos National Laboratory and is designed to expose our visitors to the broad range of great materials science performed at the Lab. Through the course of seven talks and three site visits, students will have a unique opportunity to learn about LANL directly from our top scientists and participate in facility tours.

Please check back regularly for updates and changes.

Download the IMS Materials Summer School 2017 poster (pdf)

Thursday June 8

2:00 PM, JR Oppenheimer Study Center - Collaboration Space
Tour: JR Oppenheimer Study Center Research Library with Michelle A. Mittrach

Thursday June 15

11:00 AM, NSSB auditorium
Special Event: Director's Talk, Charlie McMillan

Thursday June 15

1:00 PM, Physics Auditorium
Millicent Firestone, CINT Thrust Leader: Nanostructured Soft Materials: Integration of Bottom Up Self-Assembly with Top-Down Patterning

Wednesday June 21

1:00 PM, Hot Rocks Court Yard
Special Event: Annual Ice Cream Social

Thursday June 22

1:00 PM, Physics Auditorium
Dave Clark, NSEC director: History and Applications of 238Pu

Thursday June 29

1:30 PM, Meet Bus at Otowi
Taxi tour of lab Host: Jeff Willis

Thursday July 06

1:00 PM, Physics Auditorium
Steven Elliott, P-23 Lab Fellow: Neutrinos, Anti-Neutrinos and the Question: Why are We Here?

Thursday July 13

1:30 PM, Meet at CINT building lobby
TOUR: CINT Host: Jim Werner

Wednesday July 19

11:00 AM, Urban Park - Los Alamos
Student Programs Annual Student/Mentor Picnic

Thursday July 20

1:00 PM, Physics Auditorium
John Singleton, MPA, lab fellow: Pulsars, warp factor 3 and the Battle of Maxia

Thursday July 27

1:00 PM, Physics Auditorium
Priscila Rosa, MPA-CMMS: A Tour of Single Crystal Growth: from rock candy to heavy-fermion materials

Thursday August 3

1:00 PM, Physics Auditorium
Sig Hecker, Senior lab fellow: Plutonium: From Science to Diplomacy

Wednesday August 9

8:00 AM, UNM Los Alamos
Annual Student Symposium

Thursday August 10

1:30 PM, MSL Auditorium
Alexis Trahan, NEN-1: Fundamentals of Nuclear Nonproliferation