• Advanced Qualification of Additive Manufacturing poster session seen from above

    Poster Session for AM 2015


  • Advanced Qualification of Additive Manufacturing workshop poster

    AM 2015 Workshop


  • Workshop session in New Mexico room La Fonda

    AM 2015 Workshop Session

    La Fonda on the Plaza, Santa Fe, New Mexico

  • LANL Director Charlie McMillan and IMS director Alexander Balatsky

    Lab Director Visits IMS

    Laboratory Director Charlie McMillan in conversation with IMS Director Alexander Balatsky

  • LANL director Charlie McMillan in conversation with IMS director Alexander Balatsky

    Incubate - Innovate - Integrate


  • Group photo of QDM conference participants LANL, KTH, Nordita

    QDM Conference 2015


  • Group photo of MOU, LANL, KTH and Nordita

    International Cooperation

    QDM 15 at La Fonda, Santa Fe, NM

Who we are and what we do

Alexander V. Balatsky

Institute for Materials Science: Alexander V. Balatsky

IMS is an interdisciplinary research and educational center focused on fostering the advancement of materials science at Los Alamos National Laboratory. IMS aids in defining research directions and serves as a focal point for materials research collaboration inside and outside the laboratory.

IMS fosters the technical breadth of materials science, which spans research areas including Defects and Interfaces, Emergent Phenomena, and Materials in Extreme Environments.

IMS Scholar Program

The IMS is developing the IMS Scholar Program, designed to foster the integration of the Los Alamos materials community while also developing disruptive concepts in materials science that will position LANL at the forefront of materials design, modeling, synthesis and application.

Lecture Series


Dirac Materials: Alexander V. Balatsky

IMS is programming and hosting a Lecture Series with visiting experts, Seminars, Workshops, Colloquia, Meetings and other events to support and encourage cross sector collaboration and inspire new ways of approaching materials science concepts.

This will facilitate building a diverse student, postdoc, and visiting scientist program within the broader LANL materials science community. Through our integrated program and external advisory board (international academic and industrial materials science leaders) we are positioning Los Alamos as a premier materials science laboratory within the materials science community and our customer base.

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