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Quantum Matter Working Group

Investigating problems in quantum materials.


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  • Dr. Filip Ronning
  • Institute for Materials Science
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  • Deputy Director
  • Abigail Hunter
  • XCP-5: Materials and Physical Data
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  • Kelly Shea
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Emerging problems in quantum materials

The IMS at LANL is convening a “quantum matter working group” to work on emerging problems in quantum magnetism and frustrated lattices, and simultaneously help define Los Alamos’s agenda on quantum matter for the coming year. We expect to build a fun and creative atmosphere for generating new ideas.

Dates:  August 1-5, 2022

Location:  LANL, Sig Hecker Conference Room, TA03-0032-134

List of Speakers:

Peter Armitage - Johns Hopkins University
Cristian Batista - University of Tennessee Knoxville
Tarun Grover - University of California San Diego
Erik Henriksen - Washington University in St. Louis
Chris Lane - Los Alamos National Laboratory
Yongkang Luo - Huazhong University, Wuhan, China
Vidya Madhavan - University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Joel Moore – University of California Berkeley
Steve Nagler - Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Satoru Nakatsuji - Department of Physics, Univ. of Tokyo, Japan
Mike Norman - Argonne National Laboratory
Johanna Palmstrom – Los Alamos National Laboratory
Judit Romhanyi - University of California Irvine
Donna Sheng - California State University Northridge
Mark Sherwin - University of California Santa Barbara
Roser Valenti - Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany
Stephen Wilson - University of California Santa Barbara
Linda Ye - Stanford University



August 1-5, 2022, Sig Hecker Conference Room (TA03-0032-134)


10:00 Welcome & Introductory Remarks

10:15 Mike Norman - Heisenberg-like dipolar fluctuations in the relaxor ferroelectric pyrochlore Cd2Nb2O7.

11:00 Roser Valenti - Kitaev material candidates RuX3 (X=Cl, Br, I): Two siblings - and a cousin?

Lunch Break

1:30 Tarun Grover (virtual) - Simulatable models of Quantum Criticality in Heavy Fermion Systems

2:15 Donna Sheng - Topological and Nematic Superconductivity by Doping Mott Insulators on Triangular Lattice.


4:00 Free



10:00 Johanna Palmstrom - TBD

10:45 Stephen Wilson - Kinetic and magnetic frustration on hexagonal lattices:  New phases in topological kagome metals and Jeff=1/2 triangular antiferromagnets

Lunch Break

1:30 Postdoc/Student Short Talks 1 – Shengzhi Zhang, Constructing Magnetic Phase diagram of Na2Co2TeO6. Yixuan Huang, Magnetic field-induced chiral spin liquids in transition metal dichalcogenide Moiré system. Clement Girod, Thermodynamic and Electrical Transport Properties of UTe2 under Uniaxial Stress.

2:15 Linda Ye - Ni3In: a flat band-induced correlated metal


4:00 Cristian Batista - TBD



9:00 Yongkang Luo (virtual) – Quantum criticality in quasi 1D Kondo lattice CeCo2Ga8 (a zoom link will be provided)

9:45 Satoru Nakatsuji - Topological Weyl antiferromagnets and their spintronics.

10:30 break

10:45 Joel Moore - Theories of spin dynamics in the search for spin liquids on triangular and honeycomb lattices

11:30 Postdoc/Student Short Talks 2 – Junho Choi, Stacked and twisted 2D materials for quantum science. Saikat Banarjee, Emergent orbital magnetization in Kitaev quantum magnets. Mitchell Bordelon, Anomalous crystalline electric field mode in triangular lattice cerium materials.

½ day free



10:00 Steve Nagler - The continuing saga of a-RuCl3.

10:45 Erik Henriksen - Pursuing quantum spin liquid physics in the van der Waals material a-RuCl3 - Contact us for zoom - 505-551-2310 or kshea@lanl.gov

Lunch Break

1:30 Vidya Madhavan - TBD

2:15 Judit Romhanyi – TBD

4:00 Peter Armitage  - Energy relaxation in strongly correlated materials and opportunities with THz spectroscopies in high magnetic field




10:00 Mark Sherwin - What can pulsed electron spin resonance teach us about quantum magnets?

10:45 Chris Lane - Dirac Fermions and Magnons in a Metal-Organic Framework.

(Schedule subject to change) 


Full schedule at ims.lanl.gov, Contact kshea@lanl.gov or 505-551-2310

Organizers: Stuart Brown (UCLA), Filip Ronning (LANL), and Mark Sherwin (UCSB)

Sponsored by the Institute for Materials Science and the UCLA