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Guest Travel

Travel reimbursement process information for official Laboratory guests


  • Travel Office
  • (505) 667-4138

    Guest travel reimbursements

    Guest travel reimbursements are calculated based on federal travel regulations and LANL travel reimbursement policy.

    For special circumstances, government employee reimbursements, and other questions, call the Laboratory's Travel Office at (505) 667-4138.

    Before guest departs

    1. Sponsor completes necessary forms including relevant guest agreement, which must be on file at HR Staffing before guest arrives at LANL or other agreed-upon location.
    2. If guest is attending a conference at LANL's request, sponsor sends conference details (e.g., title, start and end dates, location) and estimated travel costs to STB Conference Management at conferencemanagement@lanl.gov no later than 70 days before start of conference. If you have questions about conference rules and definition of what is subject to DOE approval, ask your Lab sponsor or call the Laboratory's Travel Office at (505) 667-4138.
    3. STB Conference Management notifies sponsor by email when DOE has approved conference travel. (Sponsor saves this email for expense claim.)
    4. Guest Travel Reimbursement desk verifies relevant guest agreement received by HR. (Subsistence information must be indicated and approved by responsible group office for reimbursement.)
    5. Guest makes reservations for airline, rental car, and hotel, in accordance with Laboratory travel regulations.

    After guest returns

    1. Visitor completes Guest Travel Expense Worksheet 1127-A (pdf) and submits it along with necessary receipts and other documentation (e.g., conference travel approval email from STB Conference Management) to CFO Disbursement MS P240. A complete and current mailing address is also needed and, if mailing to a foreign country, also a phone number.
    2. After form is received and approved, CFO Disbursement processes and mails reimbursement, which is based on current domestic or foreign reimbursement policy.


    • Can a guest receive travel advances?
      No, the Laboratory does not issue advances.
    • Are there limits to lodging reimbursement?
      Yes, guests can be reimbursed only up to the allowable Federal per diem for their lodging location.
    • Is it possible to have a vendor, such as a hotel or rental car company, direct bill the Laboratory?
      No, for all official travel, the official traveler must pay the vendor directly.
    • When an official traveler rents an apartment or house for an extended period of time, are the utilities reimbursed separately?
      No, the utilities cost, as well as the connecting and disconnecting of utilities, telephone usage fees, cable TV fees, and maid services are included in the monthly lodging cost allowed. Before such an arrangement is made, the daily lodging rate is computed by dividing the total lodging cost by the number of days of occupancy for which the guest is entitled to per diem, provided the cost does not exceed the daily rate of conventional lodging.