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Graduate, Undergraduate Student Travel

Travel reimbursement process information for participants in the Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) and Undergraduate Student (UGS) programs
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Graduate, undergraduate student travel process

Travel by employees who participate in the Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) and Undergraduate Student (UGS) programs will be reimbursed only when the following process is used. Participants in these programs are hired on a short-term basis of one year or less. Reimbursement is for the hired individual only. These regulations do not apply to employees who live within a 50-mile radius of the primary work location as indicated in the offer letter or employment agreement. Eligible expenses are paid post-hire only.

Before beginning, review GRA and UGS Program Travel Regulations TR9003 (pdf).

  1. Student applies for a job using the iRecruitment Jobs site.
  2. If selected for the job, Human Resources (HR) Division sends the student an official offer letter.
  3. New and returning students obtain pre-approval for travel reimbursement from the hiring organization line manager before incurring any travel expenses.
  4. Student arranges for travel. (To prevent charges and fees that are not reimbursable, book airfare and lodging through the Lab's Travel Reservations Team or directly through the airline company and hotel, not other websites.)
  5. After moving to Los Alamos and beginning work, student completes GRA & UGS Program Travel Authorization and Expense Worksheet 1127-S (pdf), attaches receipts for all incurred travel costs, and submits it to the hiring organization line manager.
  6. Hiring organization line manager approves and signs the form.
  7. Student submits signed form and receipts to the Travel Office.
  8. The Travel Office processes the claim based on Federal Travel regulations and reimburses the payee.

Allowed reimbursement expenses

Receipts are required for all expenses except meals. Reimbursement is based on Federal travel regulations. For details, refer to GRA and UGS Program Travel Regulations TR9003 (pdf).