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Medicare Coordination

Medicare eligibility is determined by the Social Security Administration, not LANS.


  • Benefits Office
  • (505) 664-6947, option 3
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Medicare enrollment and eligibility requirements


Typically, you are eligible for Medicare:

  • At age 65, or
  • Before age 65, after receiving Social Security disability benefits for at least 24 months


  • You should receive Medicare enrollment information from the Social Security Administration (SSA) about four months prior to your 65th birthday.
  • Contact Medicare.gov, review the national Medicare handbook, or call your local SSA office for more information.
  • Enroll you and any eligible family members in Medicare Part B as soon as you become eligible for Medicare Part A.  Failure could result in permanent loss of coverage.
  • Inform Empyrean Benefit Solutions of your Medicare status regardless if you are Medicare eligible or not.

Medicare mandate for LANS retirees

LANS requires each retiree, disabled member, and enrolled family member who are eligible to enroll in Medicare Part A and Part B when first eligible for Medicare.

  • If you or your spouse earn entitlement through Social Security, you are both eligible for Medicare.
  • Once enrolled in Part B, you cannot cancel enrollment at some future date and remain covered under the Plan.
  • Failure to enroll in Medicare Parts A and B will result in termination from the Laboratory Retiree Medical Plans with no reinstatement available.

Contact the Social Security Administration to determine eligibility.