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Retiree AD&D Insurance

AD&D coverage during retirement.

Accidental death & dismemberment (AD&D) benefits for retirees

The AD&D plan for retirees is paid entirely by the retiree.


If you currently have AD&D coverage as an active employee and are retiring, HR Benefits will send information to The Hartford including your mailing address, birth date, retirement date, and current AD&D coverage amount.

The Hartford will mail an enrollment form to you. Once you receive the form, if you have any questions, call The Hartford for a customer service representative. Let the representative know you are a Los Alamos retiree inquiring about the Los Alamos Retiree AD&D coverage.

Principle Sum Amounts
Option 1 $10,000
Option 2 $25,000
Option 3 $50,000
Option 4 $100,000
Option 5 Amount previously elected as an Active Employee not to exceed $250,000
For Eligible
Dependent Spouse
60% of the Retiree Principal Sum