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Project Reporting Requirements

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CSES Project PI

Part of CSES responsibility (and an LDRD requirement) is proper reporting on your project. With the beginning of the "new CSES" in FY17, we also started a more rigorous tracking of project, performance and follow on activities - this is invaluable information that we can use to defend CSES and to fight for expanded budgets. Your help here is critical and will help ensure that CSES remains a viable resource for you.

We try to keep the reporting requirements simple, and you should all be aware of them from your initial project kick-off meetings with CSES folks:

  1. Present a yearly Project Review Seminar to an audience of peers - The project review seminar will be held at the Focus Area Symposium in October
  2. Provide a copy of the Seminar to CSES
  3. Effective FY20, the CSES Project Report Form will no longer be used - You will be provided a PowerPoint template that will be used for both the review seminar and project reporting

One important part of project reporting is a list of publications/conference contributions. However, the other requested information is as important and allows us to show in more detail how CSES projects contribute to LANL.  For the following sections of the report form, here is what we are looking for (not all points apply to all CSES program Elements):

Project comments

  • how much time was spent by student at LANL 
  • any visits by University PI, how long, how many 
  • any visits by LANL PI at University, how long, how many 
  • any other project related visits or meetings 
  • any other project related info such as new students

Follow on projects

  • Did any other collaborations result from student/university interactions? 
  • Still in contact with student or University PI? 
  • Where is student now? 
  • Any proposals resulted / submitted?  
  • Status of proposals submitted 
  • Any other follow on new project activity 
  • Any other personnel follow on (student -> postdoc, student to other student project, postdoc -> staff)

CSES comments

  • Any comments by PI on their program element, suggestions for improvements, complaints, problems

Many thanks for your help in providing this information to CSES!

Forthcoming change in seminar reporting for Rapid Response

Seminars will be scheduled all in one day for each focus area (Astrophysics & Cosmology, Earth Systems, Geophysics, Space Science, and Planetary Science). Sarah Balkey is the contact for scheduling all seminars.