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High quality, cutting-edge science in the areas of astrophysics, space physics, solid planetary geoscience and Earth systems


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  • Lisa Danielson
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  • Professional Staff Assistant
  • Sarah Balkey
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Geophysics image

Exploring planetary surfaces and interiors

The geophysics focus area supports advances in theoretical, experimental, modeling, and simulation studies that address fundamental issues in basic earth processes, as well as promoting capabilities needed for a better understanding the perturbation of natural geologic systems in response to human actions.

Specific areas of interest

  • Exploiting advances in robotics and automation for geophysical, geochemical or surface feature data
  • Exploitation of combined independent signatures to inform static and dynamic geological or geophysical models
  • Detection of low-magnitude signals for real-time monitoring of phenomena
  • Complementary or joint evaluation of independent data types
  • Leveraging recent advances in distributed computing, remote data acquisition and novel data transmission techniques