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CSES 2019 Call for Proposals (FY20 Starts)

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The National Security Education Center's (NSEC) Center for Space and Earth Science (CSES) is pleased to announce the 2019 call for proposal for new starts starting in Fiscal Year 2019 (after September 30, 2019).

CSES will hold a town hall meeting to discuss the new call and to present general CSES updates:

CSES 2019 Town Hall (pdf)
Date: March 25, 2019
Time: 2-4 p.m.
Place: Physics Auditorium, TA-3, Building 215

This announcement covers the following CSES program elements for FY20:

Due soon:
Student Fellow Program
Submission: April 5, 2019
Selections: April 26, 2019

Chick Keller Postdoctoral Fellow Program
There will be no Chick Keller postdocs to be competed for the next two quarters (May 2019  and August 2019)

Fellows Postdoc office quarterly review submission and selection schedule

Rapid Response Program
Round 1 submission: September 13, 2019
Round 1 selection: September 27, 2019

Town Hall Topics:

  • Farewell and thanks to departing Focus Leads
    CSES has completed its Focus lead rotation (scheduled ~ every three years). Many thanks to our departing Focus leads (Dave Coblentz, Geoff Reeves, Keeley Costigan and Hui Li)!
  • New Focus Area - Planetary Science
    Goal to advance our knowledge of planetary bodies beyond Earth, including surface properties and processes, internal structures, atmospheres and evolution over time. We seek to advance our abilities to design, build and operate remote instruments in extreme environments. Planetary Science utilizes data from a broad swath of platforms, including satellite, airborne, in situ and laboratory measurements. This area has been a poor cousin arbitrarily assigned to either the Space or Geoscience Focus area, but as a growing program at LANL, with one of the most visible projects being ChemCam on the Mars Rover, this area deserves its own Focus area and Focus lead.
  • Introduction of New Focus Leads and acting leads.
  • CSES 2019 Call for Proposals (FY20 New Starts)
    “Emerging Ideas” are dead, long live “Rapid Response”! CSES has been asked to align the name of this program with other centers (ISTI and IMS) who use the “Rapid Response” name Introduction of a new Program Element on NASA mission participation teaming and brainstorming. Chick Keller CK Memo requirement / clarification
  • Presentation of CSES focused science Topics for FY20 by Focus Leads

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