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CSES Yearly Proposal Opportunity Timetable

High quality, cutting-edge science in the areas of astrophysics, heliophysics, solid planetary geoscience, and Earth systems

Below is an approximate timetable for the yearly activities in CSES - Proposal Calls, Reviews, and opportunities for providing input. Exact dates and information will be announced via R&D Central and advertised on the main cses.lanl.gov webpage under "News, announcements".


^ Large University Projects is only competed every three years (FY20, 23, 26… for starts in FY21, 24, 27…)

^^ LDRD DR and Center Review only every three years (FY20, 23, 26…)

Off cycle events:

  • As funding allows, CSES will call for additional CK Fellow submissions at other Postdoc program Quarterlies.
  • As funding allows CSES will call for Special Rapid Response proposals.