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High quality, cutting-edge science in the areas of astrophysics, space physics, solid planetary geoscience and Earth systems


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  • Reiner Friedel
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  • Sarah Balkey
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Name Expertise Institution
George Fuller Astrophysics UC San Diego
Brian O'Shea Astrophysics Michigan State University
Greg Taylor (Chair) Astrophysics University of New Mexico
Ken Minschwaner Earth Systems New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Don Wuebbles Earth Systems University of Illinois
Lang Farmer Geophysics University of Colorado
Karl Karlstrom Geophysics University of New Mexico
Kate Miller Geophysics University of Wyoming
Scot Elkington Space LASP/University of Colorado
Joe Giacolone Space University of Arizona
Anders Jorgensen Space New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Elizabeth MacDonald At Large NASA Goddard Space Flight Center


Review Name Group Expertise Period 
Sanna Sevanto EES-14 Vegetation, biosphere, experimental  FY19-FY21
Keeley Costigan EES-16 Meteorology, atmosphere and climate modeling FY16-FY21
Milena Veneziani T-3 COSIM, modeling, ocean, Hilat  FY19-FY21
Taraka Dale B-11 Biology, bioenergy FY19-FY21
Katrina Bennett EES-16 Modeling, fire   FY19-FY21
Wilbert Weijer CCS-2 Physical Oceanography/Climate Science FY20-FY22
Chris Fryer CCS-2 Transients, general astrophysics FY19-FY21
Hui Li T-2  Star formation, AGN, magnetohydrodynamics FY16-FY21
Cathy Plesko XCP-5 Planets FY19-FY21
Pat Harding P-23 HAWC, dark matter FY18-FY21
Jonas Lippuner CCS-2 Nuclear astrophysics FY18-FY21
Przemek Wozniak ISR-2 Transient observations FY18-FY21
Josh Dolence CCS-2 Transient models, multi-physics modeling FY19-FY21
Wes Even CCS-2 Transient models, multi-physics modeling FY19-FY21
Chris Biwer CCS-7 Data analysis, gravitational waves FY18-FY21
Fan Guo T-2  AGN, magnetohydrodynamics FY19-FY21
Brenda Dingus P-23 HAWC, high-energy transients FY19-FY21
Jarrett Johnson XTD-NTA Cosmology, star formation FY19-FY21
Nicole Lloyd-Roning CCS-2 Plasma, astrophysics, gamma-ray bursts Fy 19-FY21
Char Rowe EES-17 Seismology, ocean-bottom seismic sensing and analysis FY19-FY21
David Coblentz EES-17 Global tectonics, geomorphometrics, intraplates stresses FY16-FY21
Cathy Snelson-Gerlicher EES-17 Geophysics, controlled source seismology FY18-FY20
Ellen Syracuse EES-17 Seismic source location, 3D seismic velocity models FY19-FY21
Emily Schultz-Fellenz EES-14 Structural geology, tectonic geomorphology, paleoseismology FY19-FY21
Neill Symons EES-17 Fossil energy, underground structure characterization FY19-FY21
Bob Roback EES-14 Isotope geochemistry, contaminant transport  FY19-FY21
Vania Jordanova ISR-1 Space plasma physics, magnetosphere modeling FY18-FY20
Mike Henderson ISR-1 Substorms, auroras, radiation belts FY19-FY21
Geoff Reeves ISR-1 Radiation belt science FY16-FY18
Misa Cowee ISR-1 Space science, radiation belts, HANE FY18-FY20
Suzanne Nowicki ISR-1 Space Physics, atmospheric radiation, aircraft effects FY18-FY20
Brian Larsen ISR-1 Spaces Physics, instrumentation FY18-FY20
Greg Cunningham ISR-1 Space Science, radiation belts FY18-FY20
Gian Luca Delzanno T-5 Space plasma physics, theory/modeling FY18-FY20
Lisa Danielson ISR-2 Planetary formation, interiors, sample analysis FY19-FY21
Nina Lanza ISR-2 Planetary physics, Mars geochemistry FY19-FY21
Jeff Pigott M-9 Mineral physics, small sample science FY19-FY21
Blake Sturtevant M-9 Mineral physics, small sample science FY19-FY21
Peter Bloser ISR-1 Gamma ray and neutron detection FY19-FY21
Katherine Mesick ISR-1 Neutron, gamma, X-ray, plasma science FY19-FY21
Phil Fernandez ISR-1 Neutron, gamma, X-ray, plasma science FY19-FY21
Ann Ollila ISR-2 Planetary physics, Mars geochemistry, instrument development FY19-FY21