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Student employee Jackie Dorhout performing uranium chemistry in a fume hood for an actinide research project.

Student employee Jackie Dorhout performing uranium chemistry in a fume hood for an actinide research project.

Approximately 85 of Chemistry Division’s employees are postdocs or students. Many of the researchers at Los Alamos originally started out in the Laboratory’s student programs, including former Laboratory Director Sig Hecker.

Postdoctoral Appointments

All of Chemistry Division’s technical groups rely on postdoctoral participation in their research efforts. Postdoctoral appointments also offer significant potential for professional growth: Lab-wide, between 20-25 percent of postdocs are offered Laboratory technical staff positions at the end of their appointments. We are constantly seeking qualified individuals to work with us. If you are interested in becoming a postdoc in Chemistry Division, please visit the Lab’s Postdoctoral Program or contact one of the groups directly.

Student Programs

Chemistry Division is a unique place for students to begin a career in science. Los Alamos sponsors a wide variety of programs, offering opportunities for students beginning at the high school level. Students gain experience working in a world-class institution doing valuable research under the supervision of outstanding scientists. Student opportunities exist in every Chemistry Division group.

At Los Alamos, the science is very hands-on, and students are an integral and active part of many research teams. There is a mentoring structure in place to ensure that students can make the most of the experience, and a student programs office to ensure that they receive adequate safety training and guidance.

Los Alamos is a pleasant place to work. The area has easy access to hiking, rafting, rock climbing, skiing, golfing, mountain biking, and more. Santa Fe, one of the cultural centers of New Mexico, is 35 minutes away and offers fine dining, clubs, opera, and an exciting art scene.

How to Apply for Jobs
All jobs at the Laboratory are processed through the human resources department.

The Laboratory offers scholarships to students in northern New Mexico who are pursuing undergraduate degrees in fields that serve the Laboratory.