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Past Interns Say...

Comments on previous Supercomputer Institute summer school experiences.

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We consistently receive positive feedback from interns about the program. Recent intern quotations include:

  • “[Instructor] was an outstanding instructor and I could not have expected anything better.”
  • “It was an amazing experience, and I wish it wasn’t over. I think it’s enough to say that I came in kind of regretting accepting since I really wanted to go into industry, and came out considering a career working here at LANL.”
  • “My expectations for this boot camp were blown away and I have already recommended this boot camp / internship to people who had never even considered LANL prior ....”
  • “[Instructor was] super smart and extremely positive. He made me feel comfortable asking questions, and he was always trying to make sure that I was succeeding.”
  • “[T]he connections I made this summer will be beneficial moving forward, both career-wise and as lasting friendships once the internship is over.”
  • “It was a great experience. I came hoping to learn about a new facet of computer science and I did just that. Being part of the amazing community of Los Alamos and networking with people at LANL has made me consider coming back to the Lab.”
  • “[Mentor] was an excellent source of information and took time out of his day to explain things to me and give our project additional direction and advice.”
  • “Do as much as you can here, both in and outside of work. The people here are awesome, so network as much as you can, and the area might be even cooler so check it out at every opportunity.”