Los Alamos National LaboratoryInformation Science and Technology Institute (ISTI)
Implementing and fostering collaborative research, workforce and program development, and technical exchange


The Information Science & Technology Institute (ISTI) enables the execution of LANL’s institutional IS&T pillar through revitalization of technical IS&T areas, recruiting, and retention of IS&T staff.


  • Institute Director
  • Stephan Eidenbenz
  • (505) 667-3742
  • Email
  • Professional Staff Assistant
  • Nickole Aguilar Garcia
  • (505) 665-3048
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The Information Science & Technology Institute (ISTI) enables the execution of LANL’s institutional IS&T pillar through revitalization of technical IS&T areas, recruiting, and retention of IS&T staff. ISTI is a LANL-wide resource and enabler for new ideas IS&T at LANL. We encourage all LANL staff to contact us for help, advice, or funding for new IS&T initiatives.

ISTI manages, organizes, and/or provides funding for (1) summer schools, (2) university collaborations, (3) workshops, (4) the IS&T seminar series, (5) program development, and (6) the visualization collaboratory at LARP all with a focus on IS&T at LANL. LANL

ISTI is part of the National Security Education Center (NSEC). It is physically located in Suite 101 of the Los Alamos Research Park (LARP), just one level below the famous HotRocks coffee shop. ISTI staff include Stephan Eidenbenz (Director),  Nickole Aguilar Garcia (Program Administrator), and Matthew Dwyer (Technical Operations).

ISTI’s Scientific Advisory Council consists of about 10 active LANL IS&T researchers whose expertise collectively covers LANL’s IS&T pillar areas. The council advises ISTI leadership on trends and developments in IS&T and helps formulate and execute new initiatives.  The council meets on the first Thursday each month. Members include:

  • Bradley Settlemyer (HPC-5; High performance computing, distributed file systems)
  • Chris Fryer (CCS-2; computational physics, astrophysics)
  • Marian Anghel (CCS-3; data science, learning, computational physics)
  • Kary Myers (CCS-6; data science, statistical modeling)
  • Scott Pakin (CCS-7; computational codesign)
  • Tim Germann (T-1; computational physics, molecular dynamics, codesign)
  • Tim Wallstrom (T-4; data science, computational physics)
  • Gowri Srinivasan (T-5; numerical methods, computational physics)
  • James P. Smith (A-ARCS; data analysis and modeling)
  • Lakshman Prasad (ISR-3; machine learning)

University Collaborations

University collaborations in the IS&T area at the Laboratory are intended to build a strong relationships that result in recruiting pipelines, intellectual property and proposal teams for external funding.