Los Alamos National LaboratoryInformation Science and Technology Institute (ISTI)
Implementing and fostering collaborative research, workforce and program development, and technical exchange

  • Computer System, Cluster, and Networking Summer Institute

    ISTI Summer Institutes Class of 2018

  • Viz Collab

    Viz Collab

    Scientific collaboration and educational resource for visualizing data

The Information Science & Technology Institute

The Information Science & Technology Institute (ISTI) – as part of the National Security Education Center NSEC – enables the execution of LANL’s institutional IS&T pillar strategy through revitalization of technical IS&T areas, recruiting, and retention of IS&T staff.

ISTI manages, organizes, sponsors, and/or co-sponsors (1) Summer School/Internship programs, (2) Rapid Response Calls, (3) University Collaborations, (4) Workshops, (5) the IS&T Seminar Series, and (6) Workforce Education Initiatives

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To Receive announcements with regards to ISTI seminars and other activities, go to: register.lanl.gov--> mailing lists--> subscribe to a list and input istiseminars@lanl.gov. Alternatively, send an email to istisupport@lanl.gov