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How to Apply to the Supercomputer Institute

Emphasizes practical skills development.

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Undergraduate and graduate students, as well as recent graduates, who have computer science, computer engineering, information technology, or related experience are eligible.

All majors are eligible. We consider talent, experience, potential, and whether you can expand the division’s horizons, not what you told the registrar.

The program is targeted to rising juniors or seniors, master’s students, and recent graduates with a bachelor’s or associate’s degree. Very highly qualified rising sophomores have been successful in the past, as well as occasional master’s graduates and Ph.D. students who can make a good case that they need hands-on practical training, rather than a research internship.


Applications Due First Tuesday in January

We strongly encourage candidates to apply early, as the program is highly competitive and may fill before the regular deadline.

Minimum requirements

Interns must meet the following minimum requirements. If you are unsure whether you meet them, please ask us! We don’t want miss someone because they meet requirements in a way we did not anticipate.

  1. Computer science, computer engineering, IT, or related experience/training.
  2. Intermediate understanding of the Linux OS. For example, this might mean you have basic understanding of how an operating system works, some experience using Linux, and some knowledge of how Linux differs from desktop (e.g., Mac, Window) or phone OSes (Android, iOS).
  3. Intermediate command line skills. You should have basic knowledge of the terminal using a shell such as tcsh or Bash. This doesn’t necessarily have to be on Linux (Macs also have a nice command line).
  4. Scripting or programming experience of some kind.
  5. Collegial, personable, plays well with others; the program is a team sport. Please note this does not mean you have to be “normal”; neurodiversity is encouraged.
  6. Well-rounded and curious.
  7. Can deal with reasonable deadlines. It’s a fast-paced program, but not high pressure.
  8. Meets LANL undergraduate or graduate student program requirements, as applicable.

Desired skills

In addition to the above, we’re looking for interns that also have some of the following skills. Note that few interns have all of them.

  1. Strong communication skills (written and/or oral).
  2. Interesting experience with Linux, hardware, networking, security, filesystems, etc.
  3. HPC experience, whether sysadmin or user.
  4. C or systems programming experience.
  5. Interesting novel perspectives. Can you expand our horizons?

Application procedure

To apply, please send the following to super@lanl.gov:

  1. current resume
  2. unofficial transcript, including GPA
  3. cover letter describing:
    1. your professional interests, experience, and goals
    2. why you are interested in the Supercomputer Institute
    3. how you meet the minimum and desired skills above
    4. what you hope to contribute to our team environment