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Frequently Asked Questions.

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Is this a paid internship?

Yes. Salaries are based on your seniority. Please see the HPC intern page for the pay schedule. Note that we offer significantly higher pay than the standard LANL pay schedule.

Is this a research internship?

No, this is hands-on technical training.

While the projects address new and interesting real challenges currently faced by the division, they tend to be very applied engineering and/or R&D projects, not scientific research.

Has the program been renamed?

Yes. The program started in 2007. Through 2019, it was called the Computer System, Cluster, and Networking Summer Institute (CSCNSI). We renamed is Supercomputer Institute for summer 2020.

What is the daily schedule?

Interns work 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, with the exception of LANL holidays. While most of the Laboratory offers schedule flexibility, this program does not, due to the program’s curriculum- and team-based nature.

Do you offer vacation, holiday, and sick leave?

Interns hired for this program are hourly employees paid only for time at work. This policy is set by LANL student programs, and unfortunately we are powerless to change it.

We realize that life happens, so time off for unexpected events (e.g., illness, family emergencies) will be granted. In particular, interns who are feeling unwell are strongly encouraged to stay home to recuperate and not spread their illness to colleagues. We realize that steady pay is important for most interns and will make accommodations to make up hours as much as we can within policy limits.

Discretionary time off (e.g., for sightseeing) is strongly discouraged due to the program’s curriculum- and team-based nature. Generally speaking, one day off for these purposes will be considered and must be approved by the program lead as well as your teammates. Northern New Mexico is a wonderful place to visit, but please schedule your vacations on LANL holidays or before or after the program.

LANL holidays relevant to the program are Memorial Day and Independence Day.

Can I have a late start date or early termination date?

No. For the reasons outlined above, interns must report to work on the first day of the program and terminate the last day.

Do you help with relocation costs?

Interns are reimbursed for travel to and from Los Alamos. For details, see the LANL Student Programs travel reimbursement page.

How are project teams selected?

Matching interns to projects is a complex process that tries to balance:

  • Intern preferences.
  • Intern skill development and professional growth.
  • Effectiveness on projects.
  • Building teams that will work well together.

We will solicit your project preferences in the spring. However, we cannot guarantee that you will be assigned to your preferred project(s). Most interns report a great experience regardless of whether they worked on the project they expected to prefer at the beginning of the program.

Do I need a security clearance? Do I need to be a U.S. citizen?

This internship does not require a security clearance.

However, we do want interns who are eligible for a Q clearance, so they can work towards a regular position in HPC Division, which does require a clearance. To obtain a Q clearance, an individual must be at least 18 years of age and meet eligibility requirements for access to classified matter. U.S. citizenship is required except in very limited circumstances. See DOE Order 472.2 for additional information.

Selected interns will undergo a federal background check, but not the lengthy investigation needed for a clearance.