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Student Symposium

The Symposium provides a unique opportunity for students to present their research, broadening their expertise and preparing them for careers in science and nontechnical fields.



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Showcasing student research

At the end of each summer internship season, the Partnerships & Pipeline Student Programs Office at the Lab hosts a Student Symposium. The Symposium provides a unique opportunity for students to present their research and is an excellent forum for students to network and make professional contacts.

The Partnerships & Pipelines Student Programs Office is proud to congratulate the following award winners for outstanding presentations at the virtual summer 2021 Annual Student Symposium.

Biological Science
Student Name Group Title: Mentor
Sara Crotzer B-11 Engineering Enzymes for the Fast and Efficient Degradation of Plastics Hau Nguyen
Sarah Kane Moser B-10 Comparing screech owl microbiomes using a novel 16s rRNA sequencing method Andrew Bartlow
Kayley You Mak B-10 Evaluation of carbon utilization by the algae Scenedesmus obliquus Shawn Starkenburg
Student Name Group Title: Mentor
Jalen Borne MPA-11 Hydrazine Based Grid Energy Storage Using Lanthanide Electrocatalysis Benjamin L. Davis
Computing and Information Technology
Student Name Group Title: Mentor
Zachary DeStefano A-4 Distributed and Verifiable Uncertainty Quantification Via Zero-Knowledge Proofs Michael Dixon
Emily Holmes XCP-2 Improvements in PDV Diagnostics in Pagosa David Culp
Earth and Space Science
Student Name Group Title: Mentor
Genevieve Kidman Sigma 2 Measuring Stress Percolation through the Elastic Strain of Polycrystals Daniel Hooks
Madelyn Kingston ISR-1 Mapping the Galactic Plane at Gamma Ray Energies with LOX Peter Bloser
Engineering (All Disciplines)
Student Name Group Title: Mentor
Isaiah Archuleta IQPA-MPCL Investigation of Radius of Curvature Measurements using Laser Interferometry Mario Valdez
Colton Graham NEN-1 In Situ Assay for Dynamic Control of Special Nuclear Material Tom Stockman, Sarah Sarnoski, Andrea Favalli
Virginia Lucas NEN-1 Assay of U-235 mass by Cf-252 neutron interrogation for IAEA safeguards Robert Weinmann-Smith
Griffin Matuszak TA55-PMDS Fire Screen Assembly for Glove Boxes - Conceptual Design Jacob Rutten
Fiona Powers MPA-11 Flowability of Biomass Feedstock Troy Semelsberger
Materials Science
Student Name Group Title: Mentor
Diego Aubert-Vasquez MST-7 DLP printing of Silicone Matthew Crall
Minh Tam Hoang MST-8 Interaction between edge dislocation and Helium bubbles in FCC Cu Saryu Fensin, Nithin Mathew, Daniel Blaschke
Peyton McGuire MST-8 Comparison of ZrC-TZM Mechanical Properties Before and After Carbon Exposure Erofili Kardoulaki
Logan White MST-8 Synchrotron diffraction analysis of laser powder bed fusion processed Ti-5553 Donald Brown
Student Name Group Title: Mentor
Chloe Paris A-1 Exploring the Impact of COVID-19 Variants and Vaccine Efficacy on Herd Immunity Sara Y. Del Valle
Other Non-Technical
Student Name Group Title: Mentor
Will Sutherland CCS-6 Tools and Concepts for Hybrid Science Benamin Sims
Student Name Group Title: Mentor
Abigail Coker T-4/CNLS Spin Dynamics in the Kagome Lattice Jianxin Zhu
Emily Jevarijian AOT-AE Investigating persistent slip markings as breakdown sources by thermal processes Evgenya Simakov
Ryan Park T-1 Plasma transport properties using quantum mechanical collision probabilities. Mark Zammit
Volunteers and Moderators

Fifty-six LANL staff and postdocs volunteered significant time to the Symposium as judges and session moderators. It is largely due to their efforts volunteering and supporting the Lab’s students that the Symposium was a success. Thank You!

Volunteer Name Org Volunteer Name Org
Kathy Rokop ALDW Wajdi Ahmad ES-EPD
Izabela Kruk AMPP-4 Andrew Lee ES-EPD
Samantha Adikari B-10 Amy Migliori FCI-DO
Erik Hanschen B-10 Ross Muenchausen FCI-DO
Migun Shakya B-10 Shelby Lynn HR-FCS
Shawn Starkenburg B-10 Magdalena Dale ISR-4
Nileena Velappan B-10 Saundra Martinez J-DO
Cesar "Raul" Gonzalez B-11 Riley Splittstoesser LOG-BRM
Marie Kroeger B-11 Katarzyna Krzyzanowska MPA-Q
Nilusha Sudasinghe B-11 Ashley Weiland MPA-Q
Kiersten McCabe B-DO Sajib Barman MST-16
Joseph H. Dumont C-CDE Alice I. Smith MST-16
Xiaokun Yang C-IIAC A. Tunes Matheus MST-8
Benjamin Stein C-PCS Vedant Mehta NEN5
Jessica Kubicek-Sutherland C-PCS Kevin Saeger PF-DO
Denis Aslangil CCS-2 Alexander Cleveland Q-5
Wilbert Weijer CCS-2 TJ Ulrich Q-6
Soumya Dutta CCS-3 Allan Marcus SAE-3
Anastasiia Kim CCS-3 Matthew Zappulla SIGMA-1
Marisa Lamb CEA-DAS Michael McBride SIGMA-2
Lee Holguin E-1 Mary O'Brien SIGMA-2
Christina Hanson E-6 Burak Sahinoglu T-2
Donald Hickmott EES-14 Carolyn Begeman T-3
Bailian Chen EES-16 Luke Van Roekel T-3
Phil Stauffer EES-16 Christopher Lane T-4
Matthew Sweeney EES-16 Kacy Hopwood W-DO
Steven Shelton WM-WGS James Brethour XCP-2
Daniel Israel XCP-4 Ramesh Jha B-11

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