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Student Symposium

The Symposium provides a unique opportunity for students to present their research, broadening their expertise and preparing them for careers in science and nontechnical fields.



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    Showcasing Student Research

    At the end of each summer internship season, the Partnerships & Pipeline Student Programs Office at the Lab hosts a Student Symposium. The Symposium provides a unique opportunity for students to present their research and is an excellent forum for students to network and make professional contacts.

    Congratulations! Symposium Winners

    The Partnerships & Pipeline Student Programs Office is proud to announce the following award winners for outstanding presentations at the hybrid Summer 2022 Annual Student Symposium.


    Biological Science
    Student Name Group Title: Mentor
    Bailee Nasise B-11 High-throughput Enzyme Engineering for degradation of Plastic Waste Thomas Groseclose, Hau Nguyen
    Shepard Moore C-PCS Effects of Uranium Oxides on Human Lung Cells Laura Lilley, Harshini Mukundan
    Daniela Rodriuez-Chavez A-1 Assessing the Correlation Between Bird Migrations, Climate, and West Nile Virus Morgan Gorris, Andrew Bartlow
    Student Name Group Title: Mentor
    Miranda Hiller C-PCS Synthetic host-mimics for sequestration of endotoxin Jessica Kubicek-Sutherland, Kiersten Lenz
    Logan Augustine T-1

    Influencing Neptunium Properties through Ligand Functionalization

    Ping Yang, Enrique Batista
    Computing and Information Technology
    Student Name Group Title: Mentor
    Shrey Poshiya CCS-3 Exploring Representations Learned from Image Transformations as Pretext Tasks Diane Oyen, Michael Kucer
    Michael Teti A-4 LCANets: Lateral Competition Improves Robustness Against Corruption and Attack Juston Moore, Austin Thresher
    Earth and Space Science
    Student Name Group Title: Mentor
    Noah Martin ISR-3 Geology on Mars with the SuperCam Microphone Amanda Sheridan, Nina Lanza
    Genevieve Kidman SIGMA-2 Stress Distributions in Polycrystalline Quartz Using Raman Spectroscopy Daniel Hooks, Nan Li
    Engineering (All Disciplines)
    Student Name Group Title: Mentor(s)
    Olivia Cantrell ISR-1 Light Detection and Ranging at the Transuranic Waste Facility
    Shorty Esch, Eric Larson
    Cooper Guillaume J-6 Effect on Focusing Solenoid Fields by Ferromagnetic Cores in LIA Cells Martin Taccetti, Nicholas Kallas
    Samuel McBurnett W-10 Modifying a Non-Dominating Sorting Genetic Algorithm for Radiation Shielding Laura Cartelli, Matthew Webb
    Aditya Waghmare AOT-RFE

    201.25MHz Window Test Stand Experimental Analysis

    Thomas Hall, Joseph Bradley

    Anthony J. Shaw

    Ana Almeida

    UI-OSI Feasibility of carbon-free and net-zero energy heating and cooling in MULABs Shannon Blair, Adam Drake

    Thomas Allard

    W-13 Tardigrade Micromorphic Software Package for Simulation of a Bonded Material Nathan Miller
    Virginia Lucas NEN-1

    Optimization of a Microreactor Fresh Fuel Measurement System for Sealed Cores

    Robert Weinmann-Smith, Laura Limback

    Erick A. Velazquez

    Nathan K. Sapong



    Experimentation and Data Analysis for Radio Frequency Tag Identification Alessandro Cattaneo, Rollin Lakis
    Health and Safety
    Student Name Group Title: Mentor(s)
    George A. Abernathy B-10 A Rapid Phage Isolation Platform For Targeting Antibiotic-Resistant Pathogens Anand Kumar, Armand Dichosa
    Materials Science
    Student Name Group Title: Mentor
    Danielle Alverson W-13 Assessing Surrogate Model Predictions through Uncertainty Quantification Amber Whelsky, Nathan Miller
    Kierya Freiboth MST-16 Boundary Heat Transfer Experiments and Density Calculations Programming Meghan Gibbs, Mathew Hayne
    Adrian Gonzales MST-8 Assessment of High-Density Fuels During Hydrogen Interaction Joshua White, Tarik Saleh
    Geronimo Robles MST-8 Thermomechanical Performance of Al andAl2O3 alloyed FuelComposite U3Si2+50wt%UB2 Joshua White, John Dunwoody
    Student Name Group Title: Mentor
    Jennifer Vaccaro XCP-4  Applying an Oriented Divergence Theorem to Swept Face Remap Angela Herring, Konstantin Lipnikov
    Other Non-Technical
    Student Name Group Title: Mentor

    Isha Dogra

    Thomas Jistel


    UI-OSI WATER: Water Assessment & Technical Efficiency Report Genna Waldvogel, Monica Witt
    Student Name Group Title: Mentor
    Emily Holmes XCP-2 High Explosive Shot Modeling and Fragmentation Analysis in PAGOSA Eulerian Codes
    Mengke Li T-CNLS Nuclear Mass with Machine Learning and application to astrophysical r-proces Matthew Mumpower, Arvind Mohan
    Isaiah Wall P-2 Novel Approach to Measuring Acetone Concentration for Applications in PLIF John Charonko, Kyle Hughes
    Volunteers and Moderators

    Fifty-six LANL staff and postdocs volunteered significant time to the Symposium as judges and session moderators. It is largely due to their efforts volunteering and supporting the Lab’s students that the Symposium was a success. Thank You!

    Volunteer Name Org Volunteer Name Org
    Ahmad, Wajdi ES-EPD Muenchausen, Ross FCI-DO
    Ahmmed, Bulbul EES-16 Neil, Chelsea EES-14
    Bagchi, Soumendu T-1 Nguyen, Doan Ngoc MPA-MAGLAB
    Barman, Sajib
    MST-16 Ramirez, Bianca C-IIAC
    Baumgarten, Brooke Q-5 Rielage, Keith P-1
    Blaylock, Shannon ORI-3 Sharp-Geiger, Raeanna ALDPS
    Boardman, Beth E-3 Skrodzki, Patrick C-PCS
    Callanan, Jesse MPA-CINT Stauffer, Philip EES-16
    Chavez, Luis MPA-11 Svolos, Lampros T-3
    Cogdill, Melissa DESH-CPCS Sweeney, Matthew EES-16
    Corbally, Michelle Anne Q-5 Tews, Ingo T-2
    Derby, Benjamin MPA-CINT Thompson, David ISR-6
    Desjardins, Tiffany P-2 Tripodi, Cathy PPO
    Esch, Shorty ISR-1 Ulrich, Andri W-11
    Ferguson, Jim XCP-8 Wagner, Debora LDRD
    Foti-Landis, Ian
    FCI-DO Woods, Andrew MPA-Q
    Francois, Elizabeth Q-5 Zeck, Bryan XCP-7
    Guillermo, Bernadette SAFE-PA Ma, Martin EES-16
    Hayes, Sarah Lynn SRO-RL Adikari, Samantha B-10
    Huttanus, Bert B-11 Bamney, Darshan MST-8
    Ingraci Neto, Rubens
    MST-8 Chandrasekaran, Vignesh MPA-CINT
    Kuropatwinski, James NCS Chu, Feng P-4
    Lim,Hyun CCS-2 Cleveland, Alexander Q-5
    Loychik, Neil E-1 Dail, David (Bryan) EPC-CP
    Martinez, Saundra J-DO Fogerty, Shane XCP-2
    Matsekh, Anna CCS-2 Goering, Timothy EPC-CP
    McBride, Michael SIGMA-2 Groseclose, Thomas B-11
    Moore, JT C-IIAC Hamalainen, Hannah SRO-RL
    Hanschen, Erik B-10 Hartsfield, Tom P-2
    Hickmott, Donald EES-14 Klamm, Bonnie PT-1
    Kocevski, Vancho MST-8 Kruk Izabela AMPP-4
    Kumar, Anand B-10 Labouriau, Andrea C-CDE
    Larmat, Carene EES-17 Luteran, Emily MST-7
    O'Brien, Mary SIGMA-1 Peterson, Jeff XCP-2
    Rehn, Danny XCP-5 Rodriguez, Daniel MST-7
    Shin, Sang-Min B-11 Solomon, Emilia B-10
    Sudasinghe, Nilusha B-11 Torrence, Christa W-13
    Torres, James MST-8 Velappan, Nileena B-10
    Weiland, Ashley MPA-Q

     Casperson, Cassandra
    Robinson, Emily
    Roybal, Sofia
    Pacheco, Matthew


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