Los Alamos National Laboratory Collaboration for Explosives Detection

Requests for Proposals

World-class experts and capabilities countering all aspects of explosive threats, and aiming predominantly at enhanced detection capabilities.

What LACED cannot do

LACED is prohibited by US Federal Law from responding to RFPs on its own or as a co-respondent. Organizations responding to a RFP can reference a “unique” capability or service available at LACED in an RFP proposal response. Such a reference should specify that LACED capabilities/services might be leveraged only after an award is made and not indicate that Los Alamos/LACED is a co-respondent. After the award is made, the organization should contact LACED to ensure that Los Alamos has resources available to support such an effort and negotiate contracts to perform the work.

What LACED can do

LACED can provide organizations responding to RFPs with a SOC letter. Such a letter demonstrates that LACED has unique R&D capabilities and services—and at that the time LACED issued the SOC Letter, those R&D capabilities and services were available. Whenever LACED provides a requestor with a SOC letter, LACED will also send a copy to the RFP sponsor to inform the sponsor accordingly.

If an organization references LACED capabilities or services in a response to an RFP, LACED strongly recommends including the SOC letter disclaimers. Moreover, LACED cannot be identified as collaborator, subcontractor, or co-respondent to the RFP. An indication that LACED is a collaborator, subcontractor, or co-respondent may cause the disqualification of a proposal and possibly prevent LACED from performing such work or services post-award of a contract.

Taking the First Step

It is the requestor’s responsibility to review any RFP solicitation and identify the specific relevant technical capabilities, tasks, and services desired from LACED. Such review must take place before submitting an R&D request to LACED. The requested capabilities, tasks and services should address technical desired for possible solutions to the RFP, and which are not otherwise available from the private sector.

Disclaimer: LACED acts in the best interest of the Department of Energy (DOE) and Los Alamos’ DOE mission. LACED is under no obligation to provide a SOC letter or any other material or form of support to any entity requesting R&D capabilities and services from LACED. Subject to the R&D request being relevant to Los Alamos’ DOE mission and available Los Alamos resources, LACED will make reasonable efforts to respond as it deems appropriate