Los Alamos National Laboratory Collaboration for Explosives Detection

Statement of Capabilities

World-class experts and capabilities countering all aspects of explosive threats, and aiming predominantly at enhanced detection capabilities.

What is a SOC Letter?

A nonbinding letter, a SOC is written by LACED to a requesting organization. The SOC describes a unique capability or service available from LACED on a non-exclusive basis. A SOC letter is not an endorsement of the requester and does not constitute a guarantee that LACED will perform the requested R&D services.

LACED may provide a SOC letter to an organization responding to a FOA and to the FOA sponsoring agency. Organizations may reference this LACED SOC letter in their proposal response to the FOA. However, the organization cannot list LACED as a co-respondent to the FOA.

The purpose of SOC letters is to describe a unique capability or service available at LACED. This capability or service can help solve an R&D request from an outside organization. Depending on the R&D request, LACED may include the following information in the SOC letter:

  • Unique capabilities and services non-exclusively available from LACED.
  • Estimated orders-of-magnitude cost estimates for such services and capabilities.
  • A high-level Statement of Work to perform the requested services or provide capabilities;
  • A non-exclusive statement indicating LACED is willing to provide the same or comparable capabilities and services to any other organization that requests such R&D capabilities and services (within export control laws).
  • Disclaimers about Los Alamos’ (an FFRDC) restrictions on FOAs and that if the R&D request is relevant to an FOA, LACED will also make the SOC letter available to the FOA sponsor.

How do I Obtain a SOC Letter from LACED?

To obtain a SOC letter from LACED, you must first issue a formal request for R&D capabilities or services by sending an email to LACED@lanl.gov. This request must include the following:

  • A short description of the technical challenge and research involved.
  • Desired tasks, services, and capabilities the organization seeks to receive from LACED. These tasks, services, and capabilities must not be available from the private sector.
  • The date by which the SOC letter is required, as well as a preferred timeline to any requested tasks or services.

How Long Does it Take to Receive a SOC Letter from LACED?

LACED requests at least three weeks lead time to prepare a SOC letter. Remember that a SOC letter is not an endorsement of the requester and that LACED does not guarantee that LACED will perform the requested R&D services.

Disclaimer: LACED acts in the best interest of the Department of Energy (DOE) and Los Alamos’ DOE mission. LACED is under no obligation to provide a SOC letter or any other material or form of support to any entity requesting R&D capabilities and services from LACED. Subject to the R&D request being relevant to Los Alamos’ DOE mission and available Los Alamos resources, LACED will make reasonable efforts to respond as it deems appropriate