Los Alamos National Laboratory Collaboration for Explosives Detection

Broad Agency Announcements

World-class experts and capabilities countering all aspects of explosive threats, and aiming predominantly at enhanced detection capabilities.

LACED can respond to BAAs, so long as the BAA solicitations satisfies FOA criteria noted in “When LACED can Participate” under the FOAs section. When a BAA is relevant to LACED’s unique capabilities and its Department of Energy mission, LACED in general may

  • respond to the BAA on its own.
  • provide content and collaborate as a non-exclusive collaborator on another organization’s proposal.
  • lead a proposal that includes companies and universities as co-collaborators.

LACED requests at least 4 weeks lead time when asked to participate as a co-respondent or collaborator on a BAA-related proposal. To request LACED participation on a BAA response, send a formal request to LACED@lanl.gov.

Should LACED elect not to participate in the development of a BAA proposal, LACED may still provide a SOC letter to the responding organization.

Disclaimer: LACED acts in the best interest of the Department of Energy (DOE) and Los Alamos’ DOE mission. LACED is under no obligation to provide a SOC letter or any other material or form of support to any entity requesting R&D capabilities and services from LACED. Subject to the R&D request being relevant to Los Alamos’ DOE mission and available Los Alamos resources, LACED will make reasonable efforts to respond as it deems appropriate.