Los Alamos National Laboratory Collaboration for Explosives Detection

Government Funding Opportunity Announcements

World-class experts and capabilities countering all aspects of explosive threats, and aiming predominantly at enhanced detection capabilities.

When LACED can Participate

LACED is allowed to noncompetitively participate (respond directly, co-respond, provide content, etc.) in FOAs, so long as the FOA meets the following criteria:

  • Each respondent submits its unique Statement of Work in response to the broad technical scope outline in the FOA. Each respondent’s proposal demonstrates a unique and innovative concept, or it demonstrates a unique capability to provide the particular research purpose. For example, the proposal reflects original thinking; contains new novel or evolved concepts, approaches, or methods; or offers a concept or capabilities not otherwise reasonably available to the sponsor from another source.
  • The FOA has pre-established selection criteria.
  • The FOA provides proposal evaluation based on merit or peer review. Each proposal is judged on its own merits, as well as its individual ability to meet the sponsor’s basic or applied research requirements.

When LACED cannot Participate

LACED is prohibited from entering into any type of direct comparative competition. Direct comparative competition occurs when a FOA, such as a Request for Proposals (RFPs), is directed at soliciting organizations such as companies and universities. Such RFPs ask for a response to the sponsor’s Statement of Work (SOW) for a specifically defined technical for which the respondents must submit their proposals to satisfy the sponsor’s specific technical requirements (SOW). These proposals are comparatively evaluated directly against one another is what is known as a “head-to-head” competition.

Disclaimer: LACED acts in the best interest of the Department of Energy (DOE) and Los Alamos’ DOE mission. LACED is under no obligation to provide a SOC letter or any other material or form of support to any entity requesting R&D capabilities and services from LACED. Subject to the R&D request being relevant to Los Alamos’ DOE mission and available Los Alamos resources, LACED will make reasonable efforts to respond as it deems appropriate.