Los Alamos National Laboratory Collaboration for Explosives Detection


Classroom instruction with hands-on activities that showcase realistic scenarios enabling responders to save lives through realistic training.


Realistic training scenarios

Los Alamos’ decades of experience with all types of explosives enables scientists and engineers to provide realistic training scenarios that reinforce classroom knowledge to military troops from all branches.

By special request, Los Alamos can provide specific know-how training on any explosives topic.

Training topics include:

  • High Explosives Orientation
  • Introduction to Explosives Science
  • Advanced Homemade Explosives Training Class for Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Los Alamos also offers peer review of explosive courses, as well as instrument validation related to explosives work.

Training the Explosives Experts

Training the Explosives Experts

Military personnel learn about the basic principles of chemistry as it relates to explosives.

Military personnel learn principles of chemistry related to explosives


Advanced Homemade Explosives Training Class for Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Advanced Homemade Explosives Training Class

Class instructor Ken Windlerand class co-PI Virginia Manner discuss the production of aluminum-based explosives with reviewers Lee Perry (Los Alamos), Ray Kassow (EOD Senior Chief US Navy of the Defense Nuclear Weapon School at Kirtland Air Force Base), and Kevin Fleming.

Los Alamos offers a Homemade Explosives Training class tailored to personnel working with Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD). This five-day course resulted from a special request made by the Pentagon’s JIEDDO—the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization. The new course grows from the successful completion of the intermediate warfighter training course on homemade-explosive situational awareness conducted in November of 2012.

This advanced course focuses on worldwide homemade-explosive threats and includes the safety, sensitivity and performance of such explosives and their synthesis and manufacturing. EOD technicians also train on how homemade explosives are used in improvised detonators and on the use of hand-held detection equipment.

Learn More about the class.

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