Operational Data

Various data sources for operational data.


The USRC works with a wide variety of large scale machines.  Here we share a variety of data from the operations from such machines.


Please use the following citation unless the data source below offers a more specific citation:

If you'd like to cite our data and use bibtex, please use the following snippet:

    author = {{Los Alamos National Laboratory}},
    title = {{Ultrascale Systems Research Center (USRC) Data Sources}},
    howpublished= {\url{https://usrc.lanl.gov/data-sources.php}}

VPIC Restart Files

This tar file contains uncompressed VPIC restart files. The provided data is a subset of a much larger restart data set. VPIC is an open source particle-in-cell code developed at LANL that is primarily used for astrophysics simulations. This data has proven problematic to compress, and is frequently used by LANL to test various compression algorithms.

Download this data source here

Trinity Open Science Environmental Sensors Data

The data is SEDC (System Environment Data Collections), sensor telemetry (voltage, temperature, fan speeds, water flow information, etc.).  This data covers 2/9/16 - 2/18/16 during which Trinity was in "open science" testing by users.  See the README for more information.  LA-UR-17-24849

Download this data source here.