USRC Data Sources


Data sources from supercomputers and HPC applications.


Data from supercomputers play a fundamental role in academic and applied research and development.  Understanding this, LANL's High Performance Computing and USRC work to release data as possible within security and proprietary limitations.

See below for some of the categorized data sources we have released as well as our collaborations with other groups on data releases.


Please use the following citation unless the data source below offers a more specific citation:

If you'd like to cite our data and use bibtex, please use the following snippet:

    author = {{Los Alamos National Laboratory}},
    title = {{Ultrascale Systems Research Center (USRC) Data Sources}},
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ATLAS - Analysis of Traces from Los Alamos Supercomputers. 

ATLAS is a collaboration with Carnegie Melon University's Parallel Data Lab.  The repository contains traces from LANL supercomputers but also other systems as well, including a financial company.  There are also links to publications and insights garnered from this data.  The data for the ATLAS project is hosted by Carnegie Melon and can be found here.

Operational Data

This is data characterized as "operational" in nature such as telemetry, environmental data, etc.  To read more about the data, click here

Storage Data

This includes data related to archive and NFS metadata, workstation file system statistics, parallel file system statistics, and more.  View our storage data here.

Failure Data

Data related to the uptime, failures, reliability, resiliency, and dependability of HPC resources.  View our failure data here.