USRC Alumni

Our successes of today can be attributed to the hard work of yesterday.  Check out our alumni who have worked with us in the USRC.

Mark Allen

Allen Mark

Production support for next generation storage solutions for HPC file systems.

Andy Dubois

Andy DuboisHPC advanced/future technology research, HPC networking I/O fault injection and algorithm acceleration, FPGA design, HW/SW co-design. 



Josip Loncaric 

Josip LoncaricHPC Technology Futures Lead

Elisabeth (Lissa) Moore

BasemanLissa is an applied machine learning researcher and data scientist working on the resilience and fault-tolerance team. At USRC, her work spans using statistical relational models for fault characterization and mitigation as well as developing anomaly detection techniques for large-scale monitoring of supercomputing facilities.  Before joining USRC, Lissa contributed to quantum algorithms for machine learning at LANL’s Center for Nonlinear Studies. Her background, including work on social network analysis with the Human Language Technology group at MIT Lincoln Laboratory and a short time at a startup back in Massachusetts, is primarily in the development and application of probabilistic graphical models to new relational and/or temporal domains. Lissa received her MS in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and her BA, also in Computer Science, from Amherst College.  

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Paul Peltz

Paul PeltzPaul Peltz works in the HPC Design group as a System Integrator. He is responsible for deploying HPC systems into production and solving difficult system problems as they come up. His focus now is to evolve our system software stack to use more modern tools to help automate the administrative workflows in order improve the efficiency of our system administrators.

Scott White

Scott WhiteTooling and processes to support next generation HPC filesystems and storage administration.