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QUIC  Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling System


Matthew Nelson
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QUIC-URB is a fast running model for computing mean flow fields around buildings. It uses empirical algorithms and mass conservation to quickly compute 3D flow fields around building complexes. The underlying code is based on the work of Röckle (1990).  Flow parameterizations for the downwind cavity and wake, upwind cavity, rooftop recirculation zone, the street canyon vortex, and intersections are applied to buildings based on the prevailing wind direction and their height, width, length, and spacing.  Mass conservation is then imposed and a 3D wind field is produced.   Some of the original Röckle schemes have been modified to better agree with experimental data and new schemes have also been introduced (see QUIC Reports). QUIC-URB has been modified to account for dense urban areas, semi-complex building shapes, and forest-induced drag.   The model can assimilate wind measurements (e.g., SODAR profiles) and has a nested grid capability so that larger problems can be run (i.e., the inner grid resolves buildings and the outer grid does not).  For small problems of a few buildings, the code runs in seconds on a standard single processor laptop.  For larger problems with a few million grid cells encompassing several square kilometers in a downtown built-up area, the code may take from 5 to 15 minutes to run.   Numerous evaluation studies have been performed and can be found on the QUIC Reports page.


  • Assimilates multiple meteorological data sources or mesoscale meteorological model data to initialize wind fields.
  • Wind profiles can be produced from point measurements using logarithmic, power-law, or urban canopy logarithmic parameterizations.
  • Vegetation Canopies


QUIC-URB Examples

Streamlines around stacked buildings.

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