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QUIC  Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling System

QUIC Animations

Click on the image to view the animation.

Nested Grid Mesoscale Model Wind Data Assimilation

The outer grid wind fields are initialized using a 3D wind field produced by MM5 (above left, 686 KB). The winds in the outer grid are used to initialize inner grid (above right, 3.1 MB) which resolves individual buildings.

Once the wind fields have been computed on both the inner and outer grids, the plume is calculated on the inner grid (above left, 6.4 MB) and subsequently travels to the outer grid (above right, 2.1 MB). The source in this example is a moving point source traveling at 15 m/s. Note that color scales are the same on both grids.

Fly-Through Visualization of Data

An instantaneous release within an urban core. Particles are colored by concentration. (17 MB)


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