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Los Alamos National Laboratory
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Delivering science and technology to protect our nation and promote world stability
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    Materials at the Mesoscale

    Los Alamos’s bold proposal to understand and control material properties READ MORE

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    Borrowing Nature’s Polymers

    Los Alamos scientists are learning to mimic some of nature’s greatest materials-science inventions—and improve upon them READ MORE

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    Fighting Tuberculosis in the 21st Century

    Los Alamos research reveals how multidrug-resistant strains of TB recover their fitness after adapting to antibiotic treatments READ MORE

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    Battlefield MRI

    Ultra-low magnetic field MRI technology delivers medical imaging to the places it's needed most READ MORE

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    The Water-Energy Nexus

    Water and energy resources are interdependent—using one requires the other. This presents a particular challenge in the American West, where energy demand continues to rise as water supply threatens to fall READ MORE

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    Forecasting disease using Wikipedia

    Scientists can monitor and forecast diseases around the globe more effectively by analyzing views of Wikipedia articles READ MORE

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    ATHENA desktop human “body” reduces need for animal drug tests

    ATHENA project team is developing four human organ constructs that are based on a significantly miniaturized platform READ MORE

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    Los Alamos laser selected for 2020 Mars mission

    SuperCam builds upon the successful capabilities demonstrated aboard the Curiosity Rover during NASA’s current Mars Mission READ MORE

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    Hydrodynamic experiment provides key data for Stockpile Stewardship

    Hydrodynamic experiments involve non-nuclear surrogate materials that mimic many of the properties of nuclear materials READ MORE

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    Detection of methane levels 3 times larger than expected over Four Corners region

    Study first to show space-based techniques can verify international regulations on fossil energy emissions READ MORE

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    Probing Fukushima with cosmic rays should help speed cleanup of damaged plant

    Initiative could reduce time required to clean up disabled complex by a decade and greatly reduce radiation exposure to personnel working at plant READ MORE

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    Dark spaces could change the way we think about galaxies

    Looking at dark spaces between galaxies and stars the NASA/JPL CIBER sounding rocket experiment produced thought-changing data READ MORE

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    World’s largest single crystal of gold verified by Los Alamos instruments

    Using Lujan Center’s HIPPO instrument, researchers probed the specimen with neutrons to gather critical information READ MORE

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    Potential for truly secure data encryption goes to the marketplace

    Quantum key distribution technology could ensure truly secure commerce, banking, communications and data transfer READ MORE

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    New rocket propellant and motor design offer high-performance and safety

    Scientists flight tested new rocket design that includes a high-energy fuel and a motor design that delivers high degree of safety READ MORE

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    Insight into Alzheimer’s, cancer, anemia gleaned from ribosome research

    Groundbreaking study of the human ribosome reveals tiny molecular machine is more versatile than previously understood READ MORE

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    Complex systems influence melting of Greenland ice sheet

    International research team’s field work shows that, well, things are more complicated than we thought READ MORE

Charlie McMillan, Director of Los Alamos National Laboratory

Charlie McMillan, Director of Los Alamos National Laboratory, describes how the Lab provides leadership

Feature Stories

  • The CAVE

    Radical Supercomputing

    Supercomputers provide 3D modelling and simulation, exploring science directly in virtual space.

  • Solar panels

    Energy Sustainability

    Using less, doing more towards active stewardship and a sustainable future from infrastructure to supercomputing.

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