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QUIC  Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling System


Matthew Nelson
(505) 665-3842


The QUIC Graphical User Interface allows one to create building geometries graphically, enter meteorological conditions, graphically define source parameters and simulation parameters, and run the Fortran executables.  The QUIC-GUI includes 2D and 3D plotting capabilities, including streamlines, vectors, contours, iso-surfaces, and line plots.   Most all model-computed parameters can be plotted in 3D around the buildings, including mean wind variables, turbulence information, airborne concentrations, airborne toxic load, airborne inhaled dose, lethal concentration thresholds, probit response contours, and deposition fields.  The QUIC-GUI includes several additional tools for data analysis:

  • Inhalation model to calculate the amount of agent deposited in various regions of the respiratory tract
  • Population exposure calculator with included daytime and nighttime population databases
  • A movie maker tool to save animations as AVI, GIF, or numbered image files
  • An export tool that can output data in spreadsheet format, and shape files.


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