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Lisa Danielson - Center Director

Reiner Friedel

Lisa Danielson has a broad scientific background spanning astrophysics, meteoritics, granitoid petrology, geochemistry, and experimental petrology, laying the foundation for understanding and exploring the solar system. Her professional career started in Houston with a fellowship at NASA Johnson Space Center, where she collaborated in building the high pressure experimental petrology lab that she would later manage, while continuing and expanding research in terrestrial planetary interiors. She's spent the last 10 years working at NASA for Jacobs on the JSC Engineering, Technology, and Science (JETS) contract, growing a career and research program in Sample Science through rapid expansion of facility capabilities and addition of expert personnel.

As Manager of Basic and Applied Research for the JETS contract at NASA JSC, she was appointed a Jacobs Ambassador and is a recent graduate of the Jacobs Leadership Development Program.  During this year-long intensive, she took the opportunity to improve her business acumen related to contract opportunities, management and implementation, completing a sabbatical with Business Development and Sales.

Finding a gap in available student and early career leadership and learning opportunities at JSC, she started a Career Development Seminar Series and founded a grassroots women’s career and outreach organization called Supporting Women at NASA (SWAN).  She’s engaged with university partnerships through implementing formal contract mechanisms, as well as service, activities key for successful recruitment for internships and new positions.  In 2017 she was honored with the UNLV Graduate College Alumna of the Year award, in recognition of leaders who have a positive impact in the world.