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Best Practices

What is a Best Practice?

A "Best Practice" is a practice with redeeming qualities and attributes that has been proven through implementation and would be beneficial for others to use. The term does not mean the best of all similar practices. Through this web-site the Department of Energy and the Center of Excellence intend to share "Best Practices" across the DOE Complex. "Best Practices" typically are a proven and practiced system, process or program that has been recognized by managers as having positive attributes, would be applicable complex-wide, and is supportive of continuous improvement in electrical safety.

Submitting Best Practices

Electrical Safety Best Practices
02/15/07 Best Practice #46 - Electrical Functional Area Qualifications (pdf)
02/22/07 Best Practice #47 - Controlling Energized Electrical Work Hazards (pdf)
04/16/07 Best Practice #48 - Electrical Severity Measurement Tool (pdf)
Other Best Practices
LLNL - Construction Procedure for Soil Excavation (Digging, Grading, Tunneling, Trenching, and/or Drilling) Permits (pdf)
LLNL - Construction Procedure for Concrete Structure (Floor, Wall, and ceiling) Penetration Permits (pdf)


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