for Electrical Safety

Template for developing your Best Practice submittal document


Facility: (Facility/Site Name)

Best Practice Title:

Point of Contact: (Name, Phone, e-mail)

Brief Description of Best Practice: (Provide a short, "abstract-like" description of the best practice)

Why the best practice was used: (Briefly describe the issue/improvement opportunity the best practice was developed to address)

What are the benefits of the best practice: (Briefly describe the benefits derived from implementing the best practice.)

What problems/issues were associated with the best practice: (Briefly describe the problems/issues experienced with the initial deployment of the best practice that, if avoided, would make the deployment of this best practice easier the" next time".)

How the success of the Best Practice was measured: (What data/operating experience is available to document how successful the best practice has been?)

Description of process experience using the Best Practice: (Describe the operating experience with the best practice with particular focus on the evolution of it's development, end user experience, and the role the practice plays in the Integrated Safety Management System or Integrated Safeguards and Security Management System of the Site.)

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